Water Resources of the Sudan

Авторы: Abdin, M. A. Salih
Заказ Местонахождение Подробная информация
Индекс УДК 556(624)
Автор Abdin, M. A. Salih
Water Resources of the Sudan
University of Khartoum, Water Research Center ; editor-in-chief Abdin M. A. Salih
Основные сведения об издании First edition
Место издания Khartoum
Издательство Sinan International
Дата издания оригинала 2017
Объем XXXII, 624 p.
Аннотация The main objective of this book is to draw comprehensive and integrated picture of the main components of water resources of the Sudan, noting the growing and competing demands for these finite resources. This was considered the right time to undertake such a compilation before it becomes too late to avoid future mistakes in water allocations. It comes also at the eve of the beginning of the implementation of the Sudan's responses to 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in which water resources play a significant role.
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